Job Analysis as a Practical Vocational Task Assignment

By Gregory Henderson on Feb 6th 2020

Vocational case management job analysis

Jane Doe was employed as an Administrative Assistant when she slipped on a wet floor resulting in an injury to her right necessitating surgical repair.  Following a regimen of…

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VR Insights October 2019: The Significance of 425 Weeks

By Gregory Henderson on Oct 24th 2019

Cost Saving Vocational Case Management Workers' Compensation Mediation Assistance

Within the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, what is the significance of 425 weeks and why is 425 weeks more important than 500 weeks?  As those of us who were around on…

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When is a Job Description Necessary?

By Justin Henderson on Jul 30th 2019

Vocational Case Management Workers' Compensation Job Description

After weeks, if not months, of job search, John Doe has finally received a job offer.  The Rehabilitation Professional advises John Doe’s attorney a job offer has been made on a…

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