Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management Services

The quick intervention of a medical case manager is a proven and effective service that reduces employer lost-time costs due to workplace injuries.

After injury onset, the coordination and follow-up of medical treatments are key components to a cost-effective return to work process. Medical case management assists with the coordinating, scheduling and monitoring of the injured worker’s appointments with medical, rehabilitative, and other services. This helps to ensure the injured worker has timely and coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services, and continuity of care through our ongoing assessment of the client’s needs, while controlling the claim costs and ensuring treatment goals are met.

VocMed’s medical case management services are client-centered services which assist to ensure the timely implementation of treatment plan tailored to the injured worker’s needs, with the goal of returning to the workforce in as expeditious, yet safe, a manner as possible. Injured workers see medical case managers as caring and compassionate and, as such, our nurse case managers can build relationships with the client, employer, and physician to develop a care plan suited to the patient which will balance the clinical, functional, vocational, and often emotional aspects as part of a holistic approach to the Workers’ Compensation driven medical care.

VocMed employs only the most experienced nurses, with decades of experience in providing services to the disabled populace through the workers’ compensation system. All of our medical case management team is at minimum a Registered Nurse, with many having Bachelor’s degrees and above. We strive to achieve only the most positive clinical outcomes, and our nurses handle all claims in the most professional, ethical, and expeditious manner possible.