Staying Busy While Staying At Home

By Gregory Henderson on Apr 7th 2020

Vocational Case Management COVID 19

While sheltering at home, are there activities other than simply submitting applications that workers compensation beneficiaries can participate which will enhance their resumes…

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Update Regarding N.C. Executive Order No. 131 (COVID-19)

By Justin Henderson on Mar 30th 2020

North Carolina Vocational Case Management Covid 19

According to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s Executive Order No. 131, Stay at Home Order and Strategic Directions for North Carolina in Response to Increasing COVID-19 Cases…

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Job Analysis as a Practical Vocational Task Assignment

By Gregory Henderson on Feb 6th 2020

Vocational case management job analysis

Jane Doe was employed as an Administrative Assistant when she slipped on a wet floor resulting in an injury to her right necessitating surgical repair.  Following a regimen of…

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